4x4: My Story


Personal stories in a dance route through the stately Archipelbuurt and Willemspark.<br />
<br />
The city of The Hague forms the attractive setting for the location project 4x4, that has grown into a valued tradition with CaDance. This time four young artists have settled down in the Archipelbuurt where The Hague&rsquo;s greatest storyteller, Louis Couperus, found his inspiration. The stately neighbourhood, built in the 19th century, stands in strong contrast to these choreographers, firmly rooted in today&rsquo;s society and deeply invested in diverse dance styles: modern, urban, and Indian dance. They bring their own personal stories in short choreographies to monumental buildings and hip hotspots. You&rsquo;re almost close enough to touch the dancers in these attractive miniatures that offer a new perspective on The Hague and on dance.<br />
<br />
Starting point: Kerkstraat 11, The Hague.

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