Vredespaleis blauw VN - M. Vogel min Buza

The Hague commemorates 75 years of the UN


The Netherlands was liberated 75 years ago in 1945. The United Nations was created the same year. International solidarity and a shared commitment to peace and security are two of the ideals on which the UN was founded. Until Saturday, 24 October 2020, The Hague is reflecting on the importance of these ideals and the role of the UN in achieving them. The city is also remembering the part that each and every one of us has played over the past 75 years and is contemplating how we can all shape the future. As part of the proceedings, an exhibition will showcase 75 personal stories, various buildings will be lit up in blue, a television programme is to be broadcast by NPO and a special event will be livestreamed from the Peace Palace.

The Hague UN 75 programme