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Walking tours

Anecdotetour GA Den Haag


Pleasant city tour with interesting facts and fables around Het Binnenhof. Why is the parliament not situated in Amsterdam?Anecdotes and stories around Het Binnenhof. Join the expedition and enjoy the beautiful places in the centre and near the Parliament.
The guide will tell you various anecdotes, crazy, funny and strange events. Indeed, the parliament is in The Hague and not in our capital Amsterdam. There is a reason for it. And why was the government in 1885 not happy with the fountain on Het Binnenhof, a gift from the Hague inhabitants? The Anecdotetour gives you answers to these and other amusing and serious questions.
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<strong>Starting/ending point</strong>
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The guide waits for you near the statue (cavalry) of King Willem II at the Buitenhof. The citytour ends at the Grote-or St. Jakobskerk.
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<strong>Good to know
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<li>The Anecdote Tour is 1,5 hours&nbsp;</li>
<li>Reservation required via www.dagjedenhaag.nl&nbsp;</li>
<li>After the Anecdote Tour you can climb de Haagse Toren at 1.00 p.m.&nbsp;</li>
<li>For information and reservations, please check our website: www.dagjedenhaag.nl&nbsp;</li>
<li>Every Friday 10.30-12.00 a.m. year round&nbsp;</li>
<li>Start: Buitenhof, statue of King Willem II&nbsp;</li>
<strong>The story behind Ga Den Haag</strong><br />
Ga Den Haag organizes excursions and tourist trips for individual visitors and groups. Ga Den Haag wants to share her love for all The Hague (hotspots and opportunity districts) with as many visitors as possible. We do this by taking visitors to the lesser-known but surprising places in the city.
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Unfortunately, this event has expired

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