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Anindo Chatterjee - Celebration of Rhytm (Tabla solo)


Anindo Chatterjee is the most successful and prominent tabla exponent from India. Anindo Chatterjee&rsquo;s name finds itself at the pinnacle of popularity. Bold and clear execution of syllables, pinpoint precision in rhythm &amp; cross-rhythm and finally a colossal repertoire of composition and improvisational techniques make Anindo Chatterjee&rsquo;s tabla solo concerts a joy for the layman as well as the connoisseur.<br />
&nbsp;&nbsp;<br />
For this concert Anindo Chatterjee will showcase a rare repertoire of tabla compositions alongside improvisational rhythms. It&rsquo;s a celebration of rhythm! A must see for music lovers and especially for percussionists of all kind!
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He will be accompanied on harmonium by Pritam Singh.
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<strong>The tabla</strong>
<br />
The most known Indian percussion instrument must be the tabla. The art of tabla playing is a fine art form, a beautiful language of expressive syllables from the delicate to the explosive. It&rsquo;s not only an instrument for accompaniment but is an excellent solo instrument with infinite possibilities. A stupendous mathematical art of juggling kaleidoscopic patterns within the ring of the tala cycle.&nbsp;&nbsp;

Unfortunately, this event has expired

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