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Archicapella - Dum Tak! Songs from countries around the Mediterranean


Archicapella will sing songs from countries around the Mediterranean. Not only music of European origin but also from areas east and south of the world&rsquo;s largest inland sea. We want to bring to life a kaleidoscopic sound world of polyphonic choral singing framed with authentic instruments from the region. It promises to be a music party with an extremely diverse signature, a multilingual collection of intriguing Roman, Slavic, Greek, Hebrew and Arabic music. <br />
<br />
Accordion: Juul Beerda<br />
Piano: Luba Podgayskaya<br />
Arabic flute: Safaa Alsaadi<br />
Arabic percussion: Sattar Alsaadi<br />
Guitar &amp; song: Pierre Olivier <br />
The choir of Archicapella<br />
<br />
Conductor: Sanda Audere

Unfortunately, this event has expired

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