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AVO J-Music Festival

Esprit D'Air

The online community AVO celebrates its 15th anniversary and that will be celebrated with the second edition of AVO J-Music Festival. On 15 September, Zuiderparktheater (in The Hague) will be the place for Japanese music. <br />
<br />
AVO started in 2003 as a forum and grew into a community for lovers of Japanese culture and music. Meanwhile, AVO exists out of an online magazine and a booking and events agency that offers Japanese artists a stage in The Netherlands. <br />
In 2013, AVO celebrated its tenth anniversary at Tivoli De Helling in Utrecht with the first edition of the J-Rock Festival, consisting of three special Japanese acts, in which visitors from inside and outside The Netherlands flocked. The mascot of AVO is called Tomoya, an onigiri (rice snack) in the shape of a face. <br />
<br />
During the Japanese music festival on 15 September, a few Japanese bands will perform, such as electronic rock/metal band Esprit D'Air and theatrical goth unit REMNANT. <br />
<br />
Esprit D'Air will perform in The Netherlands for the first time and will promote their latest album Constellations. In February of this year they did their UK tour and decided to extend the tour by performing in other European countries. REMNANT has performed before in The Netherlands and will celebrate its 10th anniversary at AVO J-Music Festival and promote their latest album Ewigkeit

Unfortunately, this event has expired

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