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Bicycle tours

Bike ride: Estate route


<strong>Estate route</strong>
<br />
Bike ride through green estates and along historic country houses
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&nbsp;<br />
<strong>Silence and green on the edges of the city.</strong>
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Are you joining this tour to the surprisingly green environment of The Hague? During this bike tour our guide will introduce you to the country estates and old houses on the outskirts of the city.
This region was loved for centuries for the establishment of castles and country houses. There is still much to see from this time.The experienced guide will tell you about the origins and development from castle to estate. The bike tour will take you to Huis ten Bosch, Marlot and Oosterbeek estate, Clingendael, Arendsdorp and Sorghvliet. The wooded country estates and historic houses show you a completely different side of the normally overcrowded Randstad.
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<strong>Good to know
</strong><br />
<li>Duration 2 - 2,5 hour&nbsp;</li>
<li>Total length, approx. 15 kilometer&nbsp;</li>
<li>You bring your own bike (rental/borrow) <span style="font-size: 12.8px;">&nbsp;</span></li>
<li>Reservation required via www.dagjedenhaag.nl&nbsp;</li>
<li>Every Thursday 13.00-15.00, all year round&nbsp;</li>
<li>Start from: Het Plein</li>
<strong>The story behind Ga Den Haag&nbsp;</strong><br />
Ga Den Haag organizes excursions and tourist trips for individual visitors and groups. Ga Den Haag wants to share her love for all The Hague (hotspots and opportunity districts) with as many visitors as possible. We do this by taking visitors to the lesser-known but surprising places in the city.

Unfortunately, this event has expired

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