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Binkbikes Tours: Royal City and Parks Tour


This exclusive bike tour is a unique experience which you wille remember fot a long time&hellip; it's fun, unexpected and one with nature.<br />
<li>Price (rental bikes are included)&nbsp;</li>
<li>BRIK bike: chainless bikes</li>
<li>2 persons: 39 euro pp</li>
<li>4 persons: 29 euro pp</li>
<li>Time: 3 hours</li>
<li>When: daily at 2 PM.</li>
<li>Call for booking: Jan Rufer +31 6 143 76 342</li>
The Hague is known as the city of the King and Queen, the political centre and the many international organizations, but the city has so much more to offer.<br />
Experience The Hague and it&rsquo;s parks from a different perspective with these Dutch BRIK bikes. With this design winning bike you will enjoy riding through the parks of this unique city<br />
Under the guidance of an experienced instructor you ride a unique route through the parks of The Hague including the nature reserve of Meijendel.<br />
<br />
This is what you will discover<br />
<strong>The Hague City Centre</strong>:&nbsp;You will visit some of the highlights of the city like the &lsquo;Binnenhof&rsquo;, houses of parliament, Buitenhof, Hofvijver, lange Voorhout, Plein 1813 and Vredespaleis (The Peace Palace)<br />
<strong>Scheveningen</strong>: Harbour, Boulevard and Pier, you&nbsp;will pass the fishing fleet and cross the boulevard<br />
<strong>Dunes tour to Meijendel</strong>, this part of the tour is approx. 5 km. Be prepared to do some exciting bike riding through the dunes of Scheveningen and Wassenaar.<br />
<strong>Park Meijende</strong>l,&nbsp;Here you discover the variation in the dune landscape and a variety of animal species including the North American Bison.&nbsp;The park is one of the most bird-rich nature reserves in the Netherlands.<br />
<strong>Waalsdorpervlakte, </strong>you&nbsp;pass the Waalsdorpervlakte, one of the most important Dutch war memorials.<br />
<strong>The Hague Park route, y</strong>ou will enjoy riding through landgoed Clingendael and &lsquo;het Haagse Bos&rsquo;.<br />
<br />
<strong>Important to know</strong><br />
<li>Bikes: BRIK Brut, a special Dutch Design bike with a cardan axle.</li>
<li>Options: breakfast, late lunch, dinner, mindfulness, sea breeze yoga, MTB Trail.</li>
<li>Prices Start at 35,00 euro per person</li>

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