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Cecilia Moisio, Ineke Vandoorn - I Can See Myself Through your Eyes


Director and choreographer Cecilia Moisio and vocal improviser Ineke Vandoorn explore systems of power and gaze in their duet 'I Can See Myself Through Your Eyes'. In today’s society, uncensored speech has become a norm and easy digital access has given each individual a voice. These parallels create a challenge, especially as an artist: how do we deal with constant critique? And do we change our behaviour when we know we are being watched? As they exchange practices, they create a new language that incorporates both voice and movement. The result is an original, multidisciplinary experience, dance performance and concert in one, posing the existential question: Are we autonomous people or just a mirrored image of the opinions others have of us? 

Unfortunately, this event has expired

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