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Clothing Swap at Campus den Haag

Clothing swap

A good old fashioned (pun intended) clothing swap cannot be missed during the Leiden University Sutainability Week. At the campus in The Hague, in the arrival hall of Wijnhaven, there will be a festive swap (this means with drinks and music!). Also, the founder of Pangaea will tell about how to make sustainable clothes from bamboe. <br />
<br />
So take your nice clothes with you that you unfortunately wear too little - everybody has a bad buy sometimes - to make someone else happy with it and take something 'new' in return! Don't bring too much clothes but a maximum of about 5 to 10 acceptable items (damaged or old clothes will not be taken and that would be a shame, you can better recycle those in textile bins). Don't forget to invite your friends to this event that have an overcrowded wardrobe!

Unfortunately, this event has expired

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