Club Guy & Roni en Slagwerk Den Haag - Mechanical Ecstasy


A spectacular rave performance where party and performance merge.<br />
<br />
Sold-out nightclubs, dance floors filled with exuberant people and speakers blasting out swinging music. The rave culture of the eighties, with the Amsterdam RoxY as a creative center, unleashed a veritable revolution in the club scene and is now a source of inspiration for Mechanical Ecstacy. So don&rsquo;t expect to see any seats, just a big spectacular dance floor where the musicians of Slagwerk Den Haag throw the electronic tracks by top producers Thijs de Vlieger and Jan-Bas Bollen into space, while the dancers of Club Guy &amp; Roni push their bodies to extremes. With a word-spitting actress in the center, it&rsquo;s impossible to tell where the party starts and the performance ends.

Unfortunately, this event has expired

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