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Classical music

Dutch Student Chamberchoir - In the Beginning

Nederlands Studenten Kamerkoor

With sweeping harmonious landscapes in Copland&rsquo;s In the Beginning, the serene melodies of Bruckner and joyous psalms by Mendelssohn and Ives, the NSK will sing a tribute to the beginning. This programme marks the first in a series of three, which centre around human existence, guided by the NSK&rsquo;s new conductor, B&eacute;ni Csillag. <br />
<br />
An elated choir will sing Gottwald&rsquo;s A Capella rendition of Haydn&rsquo;s Die Sch&ouml;pfung, a musical Garden of Eden on which the sun never seems to set. But when Eve tastes of the forbidden fruit, it ushers in the beginning of the end of Paradise. Stirring and intimate compositions follow, such as Sometimes, a piece by young Bulgarian composer Georgi Sztojanov which is based on the spiritual Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child and was composed especially for the NSK. In this piece mezzo-soprano Leonie van Rheden uses her warm and powerful voice to unite good and evil, light and darkness. It is emblematic of the programme, which depicts the emotion and contradictions that come with beginnings: from harmonic damnation to joy, exaltation and tranquillity.

Unfortunately, this event has expired

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