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Guided tours

Family guided tour - Greetings from Scheveningen

Scheveningen boulevard. © Ed van Wijk,  Nederlands Fotomuseum

Once an exclusive resort for the European nobility, nowadays a place with entertainment for everyone. At the family exhibition 'Greeting from Scheveningen' in the Historical Museum of The Hague you can experience what it was like to be a guest at Scheveningen over the past 200 years. <br />
<br />
Take a journey through time and discover what changes have taken place. From bathtubs to topless sunbathers, from classical concerts to Indo rock, and from extensive dinners in chic hotels to herring from the fish stall. The architecture in the seaside resort and the transport to Scheveningen are also discussed. How have they changed and how will that be in the future?

Groeten uit Scheveningen
Een meisje met poppenwagen op het strand, op de achtergrond het wandelhoofd Wilhelmina. Foto, ca 1905, onbekende fotograaf. Collectie HGA 72dpi

Unfortunately, this event has expired

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