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Hâck The Hague

Hâck The Hague

On 30 September 2019, the municipality of The Hague, in cooperation with the Hague&rsquo;s cyber security company Cybersprint, organises the hacking competition &lsquo;H&acirc;ck The Hague&rsquo; for the third year in a row. This year, the municipality will be hacked by one hundred of the best national and international ethical hackers.<br />
The Atrium of The Hague City Hall will be transformed into &lsquo;The Hague Hackers Dome&rsquo; during H&acirc;ck The Hague 2019. A hundred professional hackers and students will be invited to detect digital vulnerabilities in the digital infrastructure of the municipality and its suppliers. On the eve of the One Conference, the international cyber security conference in The Hague, the municipality of The Hague sets the tone by testing its own digital security.<br />
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<strong>Hacking contest</strong><br />
On 30 September, hackers will try to break into the municipal&rsquo;s actual digital systems and those of selected suppliers. Still, there are rules all parties must adhere to. For example, the hackers first agree to report any found vulnerabilities and corresponding evidence in a special portal and not to publish them, as stated in the Responsible Disclosure. The municipality of The Hague strives to constantly meet the highest possible security requirements when handling personal data and to ensure the availability of its services, also during this hacking competition. <br />
The hackers compete for the most advanced hack, the hack with the greatest impact, and the most creative hack. The winners receive cash prizes awarded by alderman Rachid Guernaoui.<br />
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<strong>Outcomes H&acirc;ck The Hague 2018</strong><br />
Last year, 45 professional hackers tested the digital systems of the municipality of The Hague as well. This resulted in 64 found vulnerabilities, one of which was so severe that this system was immediately switched off. The municipality of The Hague set to work on solving the found vulnerabilities and has solved most of them since. <br />
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All reported vulnerabilities were assessed and ranked according to impact and risk. Urgent matters have been mitigated first, or alternative measures have been implemented. <br />
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<strong>Cybersprint</strong><br />
The hack competition is co-organised in collaboration with Cybersprint and the municipality of The Hague. Cybersprint is the European leader in Digital Risk Protection and protects organisations from cyber-threats by detecting real-time cyber risks, using a unique Digital Risk Protection platform. Its clients include municipalities, financial institutions and retail organisations. The SaaS platform uses similar techniques hackers use, but digital vulnerabilities can be found and resolved more quickly as these techniques have been automated and use 'machine learning', among others. More information: www.cybersprint.com<br />
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<strong>Sign up for Hack The Hague 2019</strong><br />
Professional hackers, students and those interested in visiting can register for 'H&acirc;ck The Hague 2019' for free via the Cybersprint website: https://www.cybersprint.com/insights/hack-the-hague-2019<br />
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<strong>One Conference</strong><br />
During the 'One conference', the international cyber security conference in The Hague, many prominent national and international speakers will share new developments, ideas and insights. The One Conference is an initiative of the National Cybersecurity Centre and the Ministry of Economic

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