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New frontiers of the protection of cultural heritage in armed conflict.&nbsp;During this HILAC-lecture, we will talk with researcher Marina Lostal Becerril about the protection of cultural heritage in armed conflicts. Marina researched the behaviour of armed non-state groups in Iraq, Mali, and Syria. What is their stance towards the protection of cultural heritage?<br />
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Armed conflicts change societies in many unimaginable ways. The destruction of cultural heritage makes this clearly visible. Ancient monuments are destroyed and can never be rebuilt. This directly affects the identity and pride of people and nations.<br />
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In order to protect cultural heritage, a treaty was drawn up 65 years ago: the Convention on the Protection of Cultural Property. This Treaty, together with the two associated Protocols, requires countries to do everything possible to protect cultural heritage, according to certain laws. However, nowadays especially non-state groups are involved in armed conflicts. These groups are not able to sign this treaty (and other international treaties), because only states are. How do these non-state groups look at the protection of cultural heritage? And how can we create an international legal system that is better able to protect cultural heritage during the conflicts of today?

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