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Hilde Elbers & Heather Ware - The Beauty of Falling Apart


Two radically different solos by two choreographers and their shared passion.<br />
<br />
The two phenomenal dancers Hilde Elbers and Heather Ware found each other in the wish to refine their craft and decided to create a solo for each other. In this double bill, their deeply rooted fascination for the force of nature, which can quickly change from liberating to threatening, is made tangible. They only have each other, their bodies, and the physical space around them. The raw The Barren Lands balances between conflict and surrender. Elbers invites us to find shelter and wilderness in our own bodies. In A Fine Kind of Madness we see a body in conflict. Ware explores the dangerous exchange between safety and man&rsquo;s instinctive desire to risk his own safety.

Unfortunately, this event has expired

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