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MTM on Tour - Tamara


After graduating from law school in Paris, Teo pays a visit to his parents in Venezuela. He plans to quickly return to his friends in the emancipated city, where he feels more at home than in his conservative birthplace. But when his mother is diagnosed with a serious illness, he decides to stay to take care of her.<br />
&nbsp;&nbsp;<br />
He is unlikely to be recruited wearing high heels and long hair, so he changes his women's wardrobe for a handful of business suits. He soon finds a well-paid job as a law professor, marries a beautiful woman and becomes the father of three children. On the surface, his successful career and neat family create a perfect image. But on the inside something is gnawing at him.
<br />
After a few years of keeping up appearances, Teo puts all he has achieved at stake to follow his heart and find his true identity. Driven by a deeply-felt desire, he sets out on a long and troublesome journey to start a new life as a full-fledged woman.
<br />
<br />
After the movie there will be an aftertalk with Kaye Candaza. Kaye is a senior member of STRAP (Society of transsexual women of the Philippines ) the pioneer trans rights advocacy and support organization in the Philippines. She became a member of STRAP in 2006. She had a long-time relationship with a Dutch partner and moved to The Netherlands in 2009. Kaye still is a human rights activist and works on LGBTI/migrants human rights in Amsterdam.
<br />
<br />
The aftertalk is organised by Amnesty International The Hague.&nbsp;

Unfortunately, this event has expired

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