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Samir Calixto - W


Cross-fertilization between dance, music, and philosophy full of power, anger, and vulnerability.<br />
<br />
The Brazilian choreographer Samir Calixto has made quite an impression in recent years with his resolute cross between pure musicality and intense physicality. He digs deeply into the subject matter of his performances until they achieve a timeless quality. W is the second part of a two-part project for which Calixto found inspiration in Nietzsche&rsquo;s philosophy. After the introverted and lyrical M, danced by men, W shows five female dancers who make the power, anger and sensuality tangible so present in myths portraying women. To the accompaniment of a soundscape that conjures up echoes of Wagner&rsquo;s Wesendock Lieder and Tristan und Isolde, they portray our obsessive search for truth. They peel off many layers until only their vulnerability and barbarity can be seen.

Unfortunately, this event has expired

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