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Spoken word



The Steptalks are interdisciplinary lectures that take place on the Spanish Steps in the Wijnhaven building, Turfmarkt 99, in The Hague.&nbsp;<strong><br />
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Programm november 8th.</strong><br />
In this StepTalk you can hear everything about underwater archaeology from Martijn Manders, lecturer in Maritime Archaeology at Leiden University.
In the Steptalk he will tell everything about research on the sunken VOC ship De Rooswijk (1740).
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&lsquo;Diving to a ship like De Rooswijk is like going in a time machine&rsquo;, Manders writes. &lsquo;Very different from on land, where you only have to look up to see the modern world. It's almost like making a journey in space. All sound disappears, you find yourself in a different dimension, and you only see small sections of the environment through your dive helmet. That makes it very mystical. There were days when visibility was very good, and you saw the canons standing straight up, and the big anchors lying on the sea bed. You could get a good picture of the ship and the tragedy of the disaster.&rsquo;
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Unfortunately, this event has expired

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