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The Hague Marathon - Peace Marathon


Walk for peace on 5, 10. 21, 30, 42, 60 km of the sixth edition of The Hague Marathon - Peace Marathon.<br />
<br />
The start of all walks (except the 60KM) is at Pulchri Studio, Lange Voorhout 15, The Hague. The long distance walks goes by the Peace Palace and the Westbroek Park to the coast, along the harbor, on the beach, along the Kurhaus and the Pier, along Meijendel, passed the mansion Clingendael and the Royal Palace Huis ten Bosch, through the the Hague Forest back to the finish (=Pulchri).<br />
The 21KM route turns away from Scheveningen, shortly after passing the Pier, back to the old town of Den Haag (The Hague). The 3 longest distance walks are contueing to the Wassenaarse Slag and lead through Wassenaar village and residential areas of Wassenaar (such as the Konijnenlaan) around Meijendel.<br />
<br />
The city walks go through the old town, along the Singelgracht (dug &plusmn; 400 years back ordered by Prince Maurits of Nassau Orange &ndash; as a stepping stone to city rights for The Hague), along the Great Church, the BUITENHOF, the Binnenhof, The Grand Market and the Plein with their always busy terraces, special facades along the Hofvijver back to finish at the starting place. The garden of Nordeinde palace is seen on both city routes.

Unfortunately, this event has expired

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