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The role of Yemeni women in the peace process

De rol van Jemenitische vrouwen in het vredesproces

Amat Al Aleem Al Soswa has dedicated her whole professional life to the promotion of democracy, human rights and good governance in her own home country Yemen and in the Arab region in general. Amat is a Yemeni leader, an activist, a feminist and an international diplomat. We talk with her about the future of Yemen, the role that women haveay in this future and why the international community is not recognizing this role, despite all their promises on including women in peace processes.<br />
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In 2000, the UN Security Council unanimously adopted resolution 1325. This resolution recognized for the first time the important role of women in the prevention and resolution of conflicts. Although this resolution receives broad support from the international community, real progress has not been made. The participation of women in peace processes is still very limited. Also in Yemen.<br />
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Amat Al Aleem Al Soswa therefore holds up a mirror to the international community and discusses what really needs to change to make the peace process inclusive for women. How are stereotypes and misconceptions about Yemeni women, still influencing international politics and policymaking? What has she learned from her international and national experience when it comes to bridging different worlds. And what do future leaders, future peace workers and future international policy makers have to do differently when it comes to involving women in the peace processes?

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