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Theatergroep Plankgas - Dealing with the Dutch

Dealing with the Dutch

STET The English Theatre and Theatercompany Plankgas present the comedy DEALING WITH THE DUTCH.&nbsp;Foreigner? Living in Holland? What can you expect? A light-hearted look at those cheese-heads in all their weird glory.<br />
<br />
Dealing with the Dutch has something for everyone; be you a native cloggy, ex-pat, love-pat or re-pat!<br />
<br />
Dealing with the Dutch is English spoken, but is also hilarious for Dutch themselves!&nbsp;Plankgas Theatre Company is based in The Hague and specialises in small-scale theatre projects which can be performed in the theatre as well as on location. Their earlier performance Suitcases and Sacrifices, about Dutch expats abroad, was a total hit with audiences. It was performed worldwide in Scotland, Indonesia, Singapore, France, Switzerland, China and Nigeria and received rave reviews. Dealing with the Dutch turns it around and focuses on internationals living in the Netherlands and what they can expect.... An evening full of laughter and a touch of drama.<br />
<br />
<strong>Cast and Crew</strong><br />
Actors Anna Nicola&iuml;, Camilla van Doorn, Mechteld Schelberg<br />
Direction Magali de Fr&eacute;mery.&nbsp;Music Michael Woudstra, Josef Rebbe.Costumes Quirine Bouma

Unfortunately, this event has expired

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