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Workshops Flamenco Rosa de Compás

Flamenco Rosa de Compas  foto W Hietbrnk

Weekend workshop Flamenco basic level. Experience is not required. Just for fun &amp; to get to know all about the basic movements for arms and feet. Also palmas(clapping to support dancers) and some tips and tricks about the specific expression and approach which is so typical in Flamenco. <br />
<br />
<strong>Practical</strong><br />
<li>All classes are accessible for men and women.&nbsp;</li>
<li>Dates &amp; time schedule 20th and 21st of oktober.</li>
<li>Saturday 13.15/14.15 basics, 14.45/15.45 dance</li>
<li>Sunday 13.15/14.15 basics, 14.45/15.45 dance&nbsp;</li>
<li>Fee: &euro; 54, - for 4 classes (each 60 min</li>

Workshops Flamenco Rosa de Compás

Unfortunately, this event has expired

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