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All there is in May - Hygin Delimat / Body Architects

All there is in May Hygin Delimat / Body Architects
03 May
City center
Age category
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Choreographer and performer Hygin Delimat integrates his physical methods with philosophies of urban dance (b-boying, tricking, hip-hop). In the essential need for survival we are not different than other species. We all need food, and a proper environment to live in. However, what is that only we-humans need for survival? Or is the sphere of living beyond survival the actual thing that differentiates us from other organisms? Slowstepper explores extremes in terms of inner resistance, speed, duration, and a potential beauty that happens in consequencean.

Choreografie: Hygin Delimat

Dates and Times

Sun 03 May
€ 15,00 - € 17,00