Bambie - Bambie 20

05 Mar
City center
Age category

Anyone who bursts out in anger must explain and excuse themselves afterwards. Anger is a guest who is welcome only under very strict conditions. In Bambie 20, anger is liberated from these strict conditions and explored. Without apparent reason, three characters on stage are possessed by it. Even when they think they are free of it, the pulse of anger beats on, courses through their bodies, and is passed on to others. The result is a one-and-half-hour long, non-stop conflict in Bambie style. A physical spectacle filled with absurd magnifications of familiar behaviour, slapstick fights, and a poetic depiction of forces that surpass the (good) will of the individual.

Dates and Times

Fri 05 Mar
€ 15,50 - € 19,00
Adults € 17,00 - € 19,00