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De donkere dagen (6+)

Lonneke van Leth
De donkere dagen
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Part 1: The Dark

The dark moves over the land, days grow shorter and it’s cold outside; it’s the best time of year for traditions and scary stories. The ten year old goes to stay with his grandfather. Daan likes scary stories. He just has one problem: he is afraid of the dark, but gramps wants the lights out at night. Still, he is curious about the old cupboard in the guestroom. Curious Daan sneaks into the room and finds all kinds of things that stimulate his imagination. That’s how his stories start… In this performance, Daan learns why he is afraid of the dark and how he can overcome his fears. Step into his exciting world of imagination and experience a theatre event in dance, music, and drama.

Unfortunately, this event has expired

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