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Mahler en Kokoschka

Ulrike Quade Company
Mahler en Kokoschka
16 Apr
City center
Age category
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Alma Mahler wants to be worshipped. She wants to be the ultimate muse. She finds a willing victim in the desperately infatuated artist Oskar Kokoschka. Their tempestuous love affair, on the eve of the roaring twenties, is the talk of the town in avant-garde Vienna. When Alma becomes uncomfortable with the intensity of their love and leaves Kokoschka, he makes a desperate attempt to win her back. He has a doll made in her image. He takes it to the theatre, paints its portrait, until he decapitates the doll under the influence of fire and alcohol.

Dates and Times

Thu 16 Apr
€ 7,00 - € 15,00