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Nachthexen IV: Battre

Jens Van Daele | Burning Bridges
09 Apr-17 Apr
Surrounding municipality
Age category

Nachthexen IV: Battre is an energetic, powerful, theatrical, but also tranquil dance concert with probing live music. Following the motto. ‘stories of strong women in tough times’, Jens van Daele made a complete remake of his success performance Battre le Fer/Battre le Noir from 2010. The performance is about eternal struggle, it is a dance duel on the razor’s edge. The two dancers don’t let each other go even for a moment. Two equal forces that eventually destroy each other. A performance that in a way ends in a tie. In the end there are only losers.

Dates and Times

Thu 09 Apr
€ 19,00
Fri 17 Apr
€ 15,50 - € 19,00