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She’s got the power

She’s got the power
Exhibition genre

More than half of the world's population consists of women and girls. Yet we mainly see men in influential positions. Only 18 percent of all ministers worldwide are women and less than a quarter of the seats in national parliaments are occupied by women. Hivos believes this needs to change.

That is why we support strong and courageous women to get into a position in which they can work towards an equal society. Twenty women from five different countries can be seen in the Atrium of the City Hall from March 3 until March 24, 2020 in a photo exhibition. They have been elected as members of parliament, city council or as trade union leaders. These women have not been restrained by prejudice and intimidation. They have persisted and are now able to fight for equality from within. The following applies to each of them: She’s got the power!

Hivos is working towards a world in which diversity is seen and celebrated. A world where you can be who you are and love who you love. That’s why we support courageous people who lead this fight. We work with activists, entrepreneurs, journalists, artists, citizens and their organizations in more than thirty countries. They are the ones with innovative ideas and the courage to implement them. We offer them knowledge, contacts, money and protection. In this way, we work together to build a free, fair and sustainable world.

Hivos was founded in 1968 and is based in The Hague.



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