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Summertime music festival

Summertime Festival
17 Jul-19 Jul
City center


Celebrate the summer at the free Summertime festival in the heart of The Hague. Sitting at an outdoor café, you can relax and enjoy the 'unplugged' music performances on the picturesque carousel podium, delicious wines, cocktails and with a bit of luck, pleasant sunshine. The Summertime festival at the Grote Markt presents an international and diverse programme. From samba, world music, classical music, jazz, modern music up to unplugged and semi-unplugged pop music. In short: enjoy the summer during the relaxing Summertime festival at one of the cosiest plazas in The Hague. 

Grote Markt
The Grote Markt in the city centre of The Hague is a former market square surrounded by bars and clubs. On the Grote Markt (literally 'Great Market') the atmosphere is welcoming and the crowd is mainly creative, alternative and bohemian. From early in the morning, until late at night you'll find people having a good time here. Throughout the year there are lots of activities taking place in the middle of the square.

The Hague city centre is easy to reach by car, public transport and bike. Grote Markt can be accessed via the tram tunnel on various trams from Central Station. Grote Markt is a fifteen-minute walk from The Hague Central Station or Station Hollands Spoor. As an alternative to parking under Grote Marktstraat, you can also leave your car at Spui, Centrum and Turfmarkt car parks. You will also find a free secure bicycle parking facility in Grote Marktstraat.

Grote Markt Den Haag
Grote Markt Den Haag

Dates and Times

Fri 17 Jul
Adults Free
Sat 18 Jul
Adults Free
Sun 19 Jul
Adults Free