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The Star Wars Suite

Star Wars Suite
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More than 130 musicians will bring the music of Star Wars to life in a unique concert series in the Netherlands this autumn. Led by conductor Raymond Janssen, the International Symphony Orchestra from Lviv, Ukraine, will perform the world-famous soundtracks from the Star Wars films. Supported by the National Choir of Ukraine 'Dumka', they combine the songs into a radiant whole. Especially in these turbulent times, it is unique that both companies are coming to the Netherlands for an exclusive tour. Heroic and explosive pieces will alternate with sublime music during this concert series. The Star Wars Suite could already be heard with great success in the Netherlands in 2018 and 2019 and, by popular demand, will therefore now return for a reprise.

The Star Wars Suite is a grand and compelling musical spectacle that drew packed auditoriums in the Netherlands in 2018 and 2019. It is not for nothing that the phenomenal score and soundtracks of Star Wars have been named 'best film music of all time'. Composed by John Williams, the soundtracks appeal to classical music lovers and fans of the films alike. The score is integral to the success of Star Wars. Williams is therefore without doubt the greatest American film composer ever. Star Wars marked his breakthrough: the symphonic music from the film became instantly legendary. In the late 1970s - when synthesisers were on the rise - Williams drew inspiration from composers of the 1930s. The famous Imperial Mars is the best-known example of this. A well-nigh iconic one enhanced by spectacular choral elements. It contrasts perfectly with the modern high-tech elements of the film. The Star Wars films are among the biggest blockbusters of the 20th century. Williams managed to musically accompany the breathtaking images in an impressive way. The success of Star Wars motivated him to also present the film music live to a large and global audience.

Stories from the films
The Star Wars Suite is an unforgettable musical journey through the highlights from the films. Listeners are transported to imaginative stories from Duel of the Fates, Luke & Leia, The Imperial March and The Throne Room, among others. Above all, however, the concert is a spectacular musical journey full of emotion that thrills the audience. The extraordinary melodies and timbres make the symphony an intense listening experience. Consequently, the performance is perfect. Following the highly successful Lord of the Rings concerts and the famous Carmina Burana, The Star Wars Suite will also be performed by The International Symphony Orchestra from Lviv and the National Choir of Ukraine 'Dumka'. Both companies are coming to the Netherlands especially for this occasion in the largest line-up ever, consisting of only passionate top musicians. Led by Raymond Janssen, they will play the stars from heaven. Together, they guarantee an unparalleled experience that audiences will not easily forget.

About Raymond Janssen
The initiator of The Star Wars Suite in the Netherlands is composer, pianist and conductor Raymond Janssen. He is no stranger to the world of classical music and has earned his spurs when it comes to original and high-quality concerts. Janssen is especially a specialist on top Eastern European musicians. Time and again, he succeeds in bringing complete symphony orchestras and choirs in spectacular line-ups to the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Belgium, among others. Janssen creates a furore every year with Christmas concerts, is known for his gifted performances of the St Matthew Passion, but at the same time does not shy away from innovative projects. In 2011, for instance, he shone with choir and large orchestra during the Queen Experience in the Gelredome and he translated the epic music of The Lord of the Rings trilogy into a spectacular concert series. Janssen has been garnering acclaim for years with his performance of the Carmina Burana in sold-out venues, and is also touring the Netherlands in 2022.

About Star Wars
The films are legendary and have achieved iconic status. Star Wars was created by American George Lucas. The first film written and directed by him premiered in 1977.  The story of hidden galaxies and alien wars between good and evil, with the lightsaber as the main weapon, grew into a phenomenon and gained millions of fans who faithfully follow the battle between the Jedi (good) and the Sith (evil). Eventually, 10 films were released and won multiple Oscars. Music is an important part of its success. The score was written by the gifted American composer John Williams. He created a perfect symbiosis between music and image. Star Wars brought Williams world fame. His career was launched to great heights overnight. Besides Star Wars, he signed for the music of Jurassic Park, Saving Private Ryan, Harry Potter and War Horse, among others. With 51 Academy Award nominations, Williams is, along with Walt Disney, the most nominated composer in the film industry. In 2022 - despite a brutal war and after all the Corona misery - Dutch audiences can once again experience for themselves the power and impact of his music during The Star Wars Suite.

Dates and Times

Thursday 22 December
€ 59,00 - € 89,00
3e rang € 59,00
2e rang € 69,00
1e rang € 79,00
Toprang € 89,00
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