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Corona virus (COVID-19) Enjoy your visit, but keep your distance!


The measures that have been taken against the spreading of the Corona virus (COVID-19) will impact your visit to The Hague. The Government of The Netherlands has taken measures for the whole country in order to counter the further spreading of the virus.

Everywhere in The Netherlands, it is obligated to keep at least 1,5 meters distance to other people, except people who belong to the same household. Moreover, people who gather with more than 2 people without keeping the minimal 1,5 meters distance to each other, can be fined. The rules will be strictly enforced and those who ignore them can get a hefty fine. The Dutch government asks everyone to stay away from crowded places.

Step by step reopening
Are you currently in The Hague or are you visiting The Hague soon? Thank you for choosing our city! We would like to request you to avoid crowds. But of course, simply said, how do you do that? We are happy to help you!

On this page you will find information about the current situation and we refer you to relevant sources of information. We also give you tips about, for example, cheap parking for a day of sunbathing in Scheveningen.

Important information links:

Are you planning to visit The Hague? We strongly advise you to check information about travelling to Europe and to The Netherlands:

  • Please check here Information for visitors to The Netherlands 

For more information about the measures taken against the Corona-virus, please visit the website of the Government of the Netherlands: https://www.government.nl/topics/coronavirus-covid-19

Restaurants, bars and other food and beverage outlets have reopened under strict conditions. You always have to make a reservation, beforehand or at the door. Outdoor seating may be used again, but every customer is obligated to sit at a table and guests should be able to keep 1,5 meters distance to the next table. The seats inside these establishments are also open again, but there is a strict limit on the number of people allowed to enter at the same time. Also, staff of the establishment will ask about your health situation. People with health issues are still obligated to stay home.

Museums are allowed to open their doors again, but only if they can guarantee that guests can keep a minimum of 1,5 meters distance. Tickets will have to be reserved beforehand. We recommend to always check the website of the museum before visiting, to check opening times and which specific measures are in place.

The beach and parks
Especially when the weather is good, in the weekends and outside of regular working hours, parks and the beach tend to get too busy. Because of that, people will no longer be able to keep the minimum distance of 1,5 meters to others. Therefore, the Government strongly advices to avoid visiting the parks and beach during these busy moments and avoid crowds altogether. When it becomes to busy on the beach or in parks, the Municipality has the option of closing the area.

Public Transport
You must wear a mask in tram, bus, metro and train. This applies to everyone aged 13 and older. You can be fined €95,00 if you don't wear the mask. The mask is not mandatory at stations and platforms. Sit as far apart as possible. Keep at a distance of 1.5 meters at a stop or on a platform.

Parking and travelling in The Hague

  • Use scooter services such as the Felyx.
  • You can park more cheaply and quietly at Park&Bike like Hoornwijck of Duindigt.
  • Check here the overview of cheap and quietly parking at  P+R 
  • With a reservation for Q-Park Park+Beach you certainly have a parking space without hassle close at the centre and Station CS-New Babylon. 
Ambassade Den Haag - cityhosts in de stad
City hosts The Hague

City hosts The Hague
Our city hosts from The Hague Embassy can be found at various points in the city. They are happy to give you tips and answers to questions. Keep an eye on our Instagram and Twitter for current times and information points.

The Hague Info Store (THIS)
The Tourist Information Office located in the main library in the city centre, The Hague Info Store (THIS) is open every day:

  • Monday 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Tuesday - Friday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM                                                                                             

It is still possible to reach The Hague Info Store (THIS) via phone, email, twitter and whatsapp. Go to the page of THIS for more information. 

The Hague Info Store (THIS)