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Kerstsfeer Plein Den Haag - Foto Arjan de Jager - 2019

Cycletour The Hague Christmas Lights


Get on the cargo bike or share scooter and set off on the Christmas lighting route through The Hague. We would like to show you how cozy the city is with all the beautiful Christmas decorations.

Mauritshuis kerstbomen buiten
Kerstboom Passage
Christmas trees Mauritshuis and the Passage The Hague.
Kerstboom Paleis Noordeinde Den Haag - Foto Arjan de Jager - 2019
Noordeinde Palace in The Hague.

Lighting times The Hague.

Both the Municipality of The Hague and the entrepreneurs deem it important that The Hague looks radiant this winter. The winter lighting makes an important contribution to the atmosphere for everyone in the city. At the same time, we find ourselves in a gas and energy crisis in which we as a city must reduce the consumption of gas and electricity as much as possible. Due to the energy crisis, it has been decided at City Hall to install a time clock on all light objects that the municipality manages that are placed in various shopping areas in the city center and Scheveningen, so that these objects only burn between 4 PM and 11 PM.

Enjoy the Christmas lights The Hague route with the cargo bike, shared scooter or your own bicycle or scooter.

We have put the hotspots with beautiful Christmas decorations in The Hague and Scheveningen for you in a route that you can do by bicycle, cargo bike or scooter. Make a trip out of it and stop at local entrepreneurs along the way for the best Christmas gifts and drink a hot chocolate or Gluhwein at a Take Away on the route. Drive through the cozy Hofkwartier and make a pit stop at the cafes. Share your nicest photos with us and tag @thisisthehague, we'll be happy to put this in our stories.

Christmas lights route:

  1. Starting point at Het Plein, the beautiful Christmas trees in the courtyard of the Mauritshuis.
  2. Passage, park your means of transport and walk into one of the oldest surviving shopping arcades in Europe, where the Christmas tree under the dome is the shining centerpiece every year.
  3. Haagsche Bluf, take a picture in the sleigh and enjoy this characteristic spot wrapped in Christmas atmosphere.
  4. Option on the way: The Bijenkorf shop windows on the Grote Markstraat have international allure, a fairytale every year!
  5. Grote Markt, in addition to the lighting in the trees, there is also a large Christmas tree to admire this year. Get a drink at the cafes and take a seat in De Tent.
  6. Option On the way: the magical lighting on the Lange Voorhout.
  7. Noordeinde Palace, a royal touch should not be missed, the tree is a royal tradition every year.
  8. Drive back to the Grote Kerk and drive past the illuminated bridges of the Veenkade to the Zeeheldenkwartier. There is a large tree on the Prins Hendrikplein that changes color as a kind of light show. You can also find cozy decorations on this square at the adjacent restaurants and you can get a take away.
  9. From here there are 2 options: OR drive to the Statenkwartier for the romantic lighting in the Frederik Hendriklaan shopping street. OR drive to the Peace Palace for the beautiful Christmas tree in the garden. From here you drive to Boulevard Scheveningen.
  10. Option on the way: In Scheveningen Harbor you have a unique atmosphere experience of the Christmas lights on the masts of the boats.
  11. Drive towards the Kurhaus and park your vehicle in the designated parking spaces.
  12. Walk down the Palace Promenade and to the boulevard for the Christmas decorations and Christmas tree. This is the end point of the route. Take a look at Cool Event Scheveningen, maybe go ice skating on the Kurhausplein?
De Tent Grote Markt Den Haag reallife
Enjoy a drink in the cozy and warm Tent on the Grote Markt.
Royal Shopping Noordeinde
De Plaats kerstverlichting
Noordeinde shopping area in a Christmas atmosphere.
Kerstboom Haagse Bluf Den Haag.jpg
Kerstboom Haagse Bluf
take a picture in the sleigh on the Haagsche Bluf.
Kerstboom Prins Hendrikplein, Zeelheldenkwartier Den Haag.jpg
Christmas tree on the Prins Hendrikplein, Zeeheldenkwartier.
Teddybeer kerst Scheveningen
Kerstboom Foodhall Scheveningen
Kerstverlichting Scheveningen boulevard
Christmas lights and ornaments on the boulevard of Scheveningen.

More locations with Christmas decorations in The Hague

More locations with attractive Christmas decorations in The Hague Below we collect places and cozy streets with Christmas decorations and Christmas lights. Do you know a place that is not listed yet? Tag @thisisthehague on the socials and we'll be happy to include it! 

Scheveningen Haven verlichting boten
Festive lighting in the masts Scheveningen Harbour.
Kurhaus Kerstboom
Christmas tree in the Grand Hotel Amrâth Kurhaus.
Madurodam in de winter
Madurodam Winterweken
Madurodam in a winter atmosphere.
Kerstboom Hotel des Indes Den Haag
Christmas tree Hotel Des Indes
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