Holiday in The Hague

Royal city by the sea

The greenest city in Europa? That has got to be The Hague! With more than 111,000 hectares of dunes, parks and rural areas, the court-capital offers all the space to enjoy nature and the feeling of freedom. The Hague is the only big city in the Netherlands located by the sea. Leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind and enjoy this urban oasis. Come unwind and relax along the 11 kilometres long beach, have a picnic in the park or discover the hidden treasures of the Paleistuin (The Palace Garden).

Museum Sights

The Hague exudes with culture, a lot of culture. That is why a day in The Hague means you have to choose. Practically no other city in the Netherlands offers so many attractions and sights. Will you visit the famous Binnenhof or discover the Netherlands in miniature at Madurodam? Or do you prefer visiting one of the various museums?

The Hague routes

Our online walking routes take you along the hidden hotspots and well-known highlights of The Hague, from beaches to shopping streets and from restaurants to palaces. Every route has its own theme and includes carefully chosen sights. Using your mobile phone, you'll be able to navigate the city easily like a real local. You don't even have to download an app: get The Hague routes free of charge from!

Kijkduin Beach

In many ways, Kijkduin is smaller than Scheveningen, but that is precisely what makes Kijkduin so charming. If you need some peace and quiet, you are in the dunes within a few minutes. The ideal place for a long walk or bike ride. At the Deltaplein, you will find a wide variety of shops and restaurants and the outdoor cafés along the boulevard have a beautiful view of the sea.


The Hague is full of the special and hidden places. This is where you turn left when everyone else goes right. To catch your breath, to taste mouth-watering food or simply to experience something unusual. Experience The Hague through the eyes of a local with the help of these surprising insider tips!


Go to Kijkduin, the second bathing resort in The Hague, if you want to enjoy the nature and the coast. Stay in the hotel at the boulevard with a view of the North Sea. If you prefer having your own bungalow, go to the holiday park right behind the dunes. And whoever wants so sleep right on the beach, can rent a holiday cottage on the beach.