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Lekker Brood

Herengracht 16, 2511 EH Den Haag
Opening hours
08:30 - 18:00
08:30 - 18:00
08:30 - 18:00
08:30 - 18:00
08:30 - 18:00
08:30 - 17:00
10:00 - 16:00
Unique in The Hague: Lekker Brood (Delicious Bread), a bakery whose breads are made from entirely organic ingredients. Discover the special character of these breads in our friendly bakery on the Herengracht, in the heart of the city. Each Lekker Brood loaf is prepared and kneaded with dedication before it arrives on the stone oven floor, and takes a full 48 hours to reach our shelves. Lekker Brood is 100% organic, hand-made, and utterly irresistible.  Our bakers, in collaboration with several of our customers, have recently developed a wheat bread with pumpkin seeds; a Lekker Brood variety that is proving even more popular than expected. They have also developed a surprisingly fresh muffin with raspberries from Raspberry Max. At Lekker Brood we want our customers to share ideas and taste new products with us; see the Lekker Brood social media channels for more information about this.  
Green, healthy and new Lekker Brood’s bread is becoming more eco-friendly and we add new products regularly, while old products disappear at the same rate. Our focus at the moment is on making the Lekker Brood products tastier and healthier, with a lower salt content. Our rolls, baked with Wakame (seaweed) and purified seawater, are a good example of this trend.
Deliciously Sustainable Always staying critical, renewable energy, electric vehicles, local suppliers: the people at Lekker Brood are constantly checking everything they do to see whether it can be done in an even more eco-friendly way. For instance, Lekker Brood uses biodegradable packaging for your bread and does its utmost to bake exactly the right quantity so that no bread is left over. Sometimes our bakers can face dilemmas during this process; the sustainable solution may be more expensive, so ways must then be found to cut down on other expenses instead. But we do not have a monopoly on sustainability; it belongs to us all. And one thing is certain: the path to sustainability is endless. 
Second shop Lekker Brood has a 2nd shop at 92a Piet Heinstraat in the Zeeheldenkwartier (Naval Heroes District).