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Hampshire Hotel - Babylon The Hague

Bezuidenhoutseweg 53, The Hague

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Google Reviews

  • Elisabeth Walløe

    Very convenient location, right next to the central stations. The room was quite comfortable, I was happy with the bed and the bathtub, though the bedroom wasn't well lit, so I wouldn't want to sit there and work, for instance. The breakfast was quite nice, I was happy with it, but generally there was no information about what the different foods on offer were - which was a bigger problem at lunch, since as a vegetarian I couldn't know if something contained meat or not without asking (and I imagine for people with allergies it's the same). I was there for five days, and the lunch options were pretty limited - mostly there was just the breakfast food with the addition of some salad and a soup for me (there was one other dish served, which mostly had meat). I think that's something that could definitely be improved upon.

    2 months ago
  • Angela Young

    Very nice hotel. Requests are handled very quickly. Staff wants to know what you need, and are willing to accommodate. On my last night there I had a little problem with the phone, before I could hang up good someone was at the door to see if I needed help. The phone was changed immediately. The hotel is great and conveniently located next to most transportation.

    7 months ago
  • Daniel Weston

    Convenient hotel with a good restaurant. Good free wifi and excellent staff. Minus a star because the room lighting is poor - too gloomy to work in!

    2 months ago
  • Elanit Green

    Very nice hotel, great rooms, great service. Most importantly great location! A few minutes walk from the main attractions in city. Perfect for a visit to the parliament, the peace palace, and the student weekend night life

    6 months ago
  • Paul B

    Very friendly staff, very nice location and good facilities

    3 months ago