Hotel Restaurant

Crowne Plaza Den Haag - Promenade

Van Stolkweg 1, The Hague

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Google Reviews

  • Sreto M

    The hotel is located in a nice green area and everything is quite nice H O W E V E R if you are so unlucky to go for a dinner in a lobby restaurant - better read this! We made that terrible MISTAKE and booked a table for us 2 adults and 2 little children for 7pm...which was confirmed and all that. We prepaid a 3-course dinner as part of the package, sat there and waited for 1 hour (o-n-e hour!) to get only to a starter...then for another hour nothing while kids got grumpy and so did we being so hungry after an afternoon in the swimming pool. We asked 3 times if we can get it sooner and were told it was on the way and again - nothing. They were blaming it on the kitchen saying they have no clue how much longer it will take...we got so frustrated as we didn't plan to spend whole evening of our 1-night stay in Scheveningen waiting for a dinner...utterly frustrated!!! Eventually after 2 hours we got the main course, and already then asked for our dessert to be ready. Of course the answer was 'no problem'. After finishing the main course we waited for another half an hour for dessert, and seeing no sign of it coming, we just left not being able to wait any longer. We came in at 7pm and left at 9.30pm as it was pointless sitting there any longer starring at the ceiling. Although the food was tasty the overall experience was terrible therefore 1/5 stars from us.

    3 weeks ago
  • Sebastian Thompson

    Great Hotel. Good location to the Beach & the canter. Super helpful staff

    in the last week
  • John Moutsopoulos

    The new building is very nice! Really polite staff at the concierge! Good breakfast buffet.

    a month ago
  • Dannny Fryer

    Excellent Hotel at an amazing price. My stay here was absolutely amazing

    a month ago
  • Carmen

    Very nice hotel, beautiful SPA, good breakfast, close to the center and parks😊

    a month ago