Dim Sum Restaurant Full Moon City

Achter Raamstraat 75, The Hague


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Opening hours

Opening hours
Day of the week Opening hours
Monday 11:30 - 01:00
Tuesday 11:30 - 01:00
Wednesday 11:30 - 01:00
Thursday 11:30 - 01:00
Friday 11:30 - 01:00
Saturday 11:30 - 01:00
Sunday 11:30 - 01:00



Google Reviews

  • Bradon Grobler

    Really A Great Restaurant (express Food), with a very large selection of delicious selection. Friendly staff, plus free wifi, and a place to charge your mobile phone. The food is excellent! Recommended

    3 weeks ago
  • HH Man

    Nice chinese dining, authentic Cantonese cuisine. Chosen several traditional dishes, and not one I didn't like. However they could have given some utensils for the crab, it was really difficult to eat it, since the claws and the legs weren't properly cracked open. Spent way too much time to fidgeting with the legs to get every bit out of the crab.

    a month ago
  • Yoff Kau

    Such a shame I dont speak Chinese. But good food and fast service

    in the last week
  • N.a.d S

    The best chinese restaurant in The Hague! However, during lunch or dinner, if there is no reservation, be prepared to wait for at least 30 minutes! Most of the food on the menu is delicious.

    a month ago
  • Assil MMJ

    Good food but bad service. They just put the food on your table and leave. Dont even put it in front of you. Communication is bad and the waiting time is long (waited an halfhour for someone to come to the table). Also not cheap, but not expensive too. All in all: good food, bad service

    a month ago