Lange Houtstraat 17, The Hague


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  • Lung-San Hsu

    We got a coupon for 10% discount from near-by Holiday Inn Express, and intended to use it when paying our bill. However, one of the waitresses returned with the coupon and told us that they could not offer us the discount. The reason she gave us was that we did not order drinks with our dinner. First of all, the information indicated on the coupon did not mention anything about ordering drinks is a prerequisite for receiving a discount. Secondly, another restaurant, Plein XiX, that we had dinner (without drinks) the night before, gave us the discount without any problem.

    3 months ago
  • saurav dhar

    Good food, amazing service and great Cheesecake

    6 months ago
  • Frank Teunissen

    Nice atmosphere, good beer. Garden at the back.

    4 months ago
  • Andreas E

    Friendly staff but this place has aged disgracefully and has very poor beer choices. Is it time for them to invest a portion of the cash they've earned in the past into making this place look good again? Methinks so!

    3 months ago
  • Jeffrey Veldt

    Good food, great place for drinks

    10 months ago

Schlemmer is near the route 'Stylish shopping'

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