Steam Scheveningen

Strandweg 55-57, The Hague


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Opening hours

Opening hours
Day of the week Opening hours
Monday 17:00 - 21:45
Tuesday 17:00 - 21:45
Wednesday 17:00 - 21:45
Thursday 17:00 - 21:45
Friday 17:00 - 21:45
Saturday 14:00 - 21:45
Sunday 17:00 - 21:45



Google Reviews

  • Morgan Stidham

    We popped in after a day at the beach. Our service was fast and friendly. They are dog friendly, and the food was good and moderately priced (we ate off the lunch menu). There weren’t many vegetarian options, but what was there was tasty. We would go back!

    a month ago
  • Bruno Schwizer

    Went here in 2015. No surprises. Food and service matched decor. Bit on the pricey side due to beach front but the beach front is very nice.

    a month ago
  • Vlad Marton

    If there was a way to score lower, i would definitely do so. Went in on the 8th of March. We're not even given any menus but the waiter ask for pur drink in lass than 2 minutes of us sitting down. We are given the lunch menus even though dinner dishes can be served. All good except you don't really know what you're going to get. Steam is not in the business of letting customers know the approximate weight of the meal. Just order and pray it's enough, because the servers don't know this either. Moving on to the entire menu. The lunch selection is mediocre at best. Taking into consideration that they offer 3 burgers which represent half the menu....seems a better fit to eat at the McDonalds right beside Steam. At least the selection is bigger and prices are much cheaper. The dinner menu is somewhat more robust, but you'd probably have to come after 6pm to get that menu. I say probably since there is no such information on the website (a little bit about the website: you better access it from a laptop since the mobile version is inexistant and the site developers probably didn't expect mobile clients browsing their website). I promptly exited the join and i will not step food inside ever again, nor would i ever recommend anyone to pay spicy prices for the food. Just visit Jamie's Italian in Rotterdam which has similar prices but much better service, menu, etc.

    a week ago
  • Tory J Almond

    Friendly staff. Helpful in choosing a beer. Love the steam punk decor. Actually what brought me inside. They went all out. Not half-assed like you usually find. Beer selection is good. Will be back for a meal.

    5 months ago
  • Eylem Zagli

    Very nice atmosphere, great music, sea view... we liked it!

    2 months ago