Best Western Plus® - Grand Winston

Generaal Eisenhowerplein 1, RIJSWIJK ZH

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  • Karen Price

    Hotel staff were very friendly and helpful. Rooms in the B building were a little bit worn, but this had no impact on us. The beds were especially comfortable and there were four pillows on the double bed with an extra pillow in the wardrobe. The hotel is located quite close to a train station and a tram stop, so is very easy for getting around. We did not use the restaurant.

    4 weeks ago
  • Lisa Jane

    Nice hotel, well placed for business but nothing else going on, you have to eat in the hotel there isn't anything close by. The restaurant is lovely though and the bar so all good, had a gorgeous Thai curry last time I stayed but it's a best western now, foods still good but not as much choice as before, I had the lasagne this time which I've seen dissed in other reviews but I found it to be lovely, nice and peppery. The cheese board is tiny so don't share like me and hubby did. I think the worst thing is there aren't any bedside tables so a bit of a pain in the night, plus one side of the bed is very close to the quirky glass bathroom so could be a squeeze.

    in the last week
  • Genovese Nadia Antonella

    Where to start.. was it the bathroom surrounded by windows giving 0 privacy in case you go as a couple (probably that’s called art since art demands no logic)? Was it the dripping fancy shower which you will hear all night long given the glass walls? Or was it the bottom lining which don’t fit the bed (someone made the wrong size order) so there are two overlapping each other and that totally uncomfortable? Or was it the light which is pretty much absent in the room (only a few table lamps) leaving you in the darkness at night? Or was it the restaurant which gave me something that they called lasagna but which I would more define as a lake of uncooked sauce with raw floating tiny pieces of aubergines and 2 (yes 2 only!) layers of equally uncooked pasta strips?Or was it the coffee at breakfast which is a machine. You charge a fortune and you offer machine coffee and want to call that espresso? Price must come with quality and my choice to cone here was not a good one.

    2 months ago
  • Tim Hellis

    Room was a decent size. Functional, quiet and dark.... You have a wooden shutter I please of curtains. Coffee facilities and a hair drier

    4 weeks ago
  • Ian Gibb

    Hotel is okay but my experience was tainted by out of hours room service. We arrived late, {11pm} after the kitchen had shut and all they could offer was a burger or pizza. I ordered the burger and after nearly 1 hour a very sad specimen arrived. It was the 7.5 euro charge that I had to pay on top of the over priced burger that was the icing on the cake

    2 months ago