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Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant Leidschendam-Den Haag



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Google Reviews

  • Malabi Deb

    Hi, I was a guest at Fletcher hotel for a period of few days on an official trip. As a New Yorker, I was appalled at the service and the attitude of the staff on several occasions. Due to lack of availability (which is surprising given the location), the room had to be changed. Some of my personal belongings were left behind which the hotel staff made no effort to recover. The day I arrived, the reception was left unattended, and after waiting for twenty minutes, exhausted from travel, a burly man, was called in by the maid, who forget an apology, was throwing a fit that he was busy and could not be present at the reception!! The restaurant staff are inexperienced, incompetent and ... (is this a Dutch affliction??), bloody high-handed. On the occasion of opening a bottle of wine, they broke the cork, spoiled my wine and did even offer a recompense. My suggestion is that, if you're used to more professional behavior coming from other countries, perhaps inconvenience yourself and find a hotel at the more cosmopolitan city of Amsterdam

    4 months ago
  • Surinder Singh

    Superb place for the stay. Great amenities and good food options. Rooms are spacious and very well maintained. Had a great time with my family.

    7 months ago
  • R Lele

    Great location & very good view from rooms

    3 months ago
  • Lars Wenker

    It was a nice hotel, but no shampoo or conditioner. Or sockets next to the bed. But the hotel was clean and nice

    7 months ago
  • Carol Sim

    Very nice comfortable business hotel

    a week ago