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Lourdeskerk Scheveningen

Berkenbosch Blokstraat 9a, 2586 HD The Hague
Omni Centrum Scheveningen

The former Lourdes Church nowadays facilitates spaces for all kinds of events under the name The Church / Lourdes Church - Cultural Centre. The Lourdes church is located in the heart of Scheveningen next to the Circus Theatre which is just a few minutes walk from the sea, beach, boulevard, Kurhaus and Westbroekpark. As an atmospheric event location, the Lourdes church offers a multifunctional stage for various organisations, but also a platform for young entrepreneurs who pursue a social or cultural objective.

Lourdes Church
The former Lourdes church in Scheveningen is a surprising, attractive event location by the sea: a multifunctional stage with atmosphere and character. The church is designed by A.J. Kropholler and C.M. van Moorsel. The architectural style has the characteristics of the Delfste School. The characteristic building has served as an event location for several years.

Scheveningen is easily accessible by public transport, car and bicycle. From the centre of The Hague, you are only 10 to 15 minutes away from Scheveningen by public transport. Omni Centrum is quickly and easily accessible by tram lines 1 and 9 and bus lines 21, 22 and 23.

There are several parking garages in the immediate vicinity of the Lourdes church: Parking Nieuwe Parklaan, Parking Kurhaus and Parking Scheveningen Bad. These are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and all three are within a ten-minute walk of the event venue.

In Scheveningen there are many unguarded bicycle parking places. The guarded parking for bikes, Biesieklette Palace Square is a three-minute walk from the Omni Center.

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