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Mark Rutte - foto Arenda Oomen - Rijksvoorlichtingsdienst

My City - Mark Rutte, prime minister


Welcome to my city! 

Being born and raised in The Hague, I am very proud of my city. It is a city that has everything; for their residents and visitors. Where else can you find so much classic grandeur and down to earth mentality in just one city? Where is so much history surrounded by the most modern architecture? The Hague is chic with a rough edge, history and present together - an exciting mix. The best way to get to know the city is by bike or just walking around. I can tell you from experience: that will never be boring. I invite you to discover the city and experience what The Hague has to offer. And who knows, maybe we will meet on the way. I wish you a lot of pleasure in my city!

Mark Rutte, prime minister

My 5 tips:

The most beautiful building in the world

The Art Museum The Hague by the famous architect Berlage. A wonderful example of Dutch architecture and a great art collection.

a Must do

Walking in the dunes "on" Scheveningen or at Kijkduin. Or even better: a round of running.

Can not be missed

You can't get around it: the Binnenhof and surroundings. Take a picture of the most beautiful skyline of The Hague from the Lange Vijverberg, with the Hofvijver in the foreground.

The best food

The Denneweg is a world famous 'eating street' in The Hague. Highly recommended. But I love Indian food myself, with the Soeboer restaurant on Brouwersgracht as my favourite.

Secret tip

The Papaverhof from Style architect Jan Wils from the 1920s in the Bloemenbuurt. Still beautiful and modern, but also intimate and tranquil.