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Sculputre Mueck Museum Voorlinden

My The Hague – Arja Kalhorn (editor)


The Hague has a special place in my heart, so special to work for this beautiful city for years now. First as a tourist information officer I showed the way, and for many years now as editor of this website, I can collect and post the nicest, most beautiful events for you. Lucky me! 

My 5 tips:

  1. The most beautiful building: There are many, there is so much history to discover in The Hague. I advise you not to look at the floor where you walk, but look up at all the facades. Stand in the middle of the Plein and look up, for example, do you see the RTL news studio?   
  2. Certainly do: Who is the first to see the sea, a game that I used to play as a child when we went from the East of the Netherlands to the sea, then with your bare feet in the sea! Every season this seaside city has its charm. In the spring and summer, relax on a sun lounger in the sun and in the autumn and winter, get very windswept and watch the sun sink into the sea.  
  3. Should not be missed: Museum Voorlinden is for me personally the most ultimate way to experience (modern) art. The building, the art, the serenity. I come there often and gladly and feel completely zen in this building.  
  4. The best food: The Indonesian cuisine! The Dutch East Indies was once a colony of the Netherlands and The Hague was the city from which the colony was ruled. When Indonesia was declared independent, many former Indians settled in The Hague, which is why there are still many shops and restaurants in The Hague. I like to get something from Toko Frederik or eat at The Raffles.  
  5. Secret tip: Well, I'll reveal it, well okay, but don't go in large numbers ... In the dunes of Kijkduin, artist James Turrell has made a place to look at the sky: "Heavenly Vault." Climb the dune, go through the tunnel, and you will see a stone bench. Lie down and stare at Heaven. You can do this alone, but you can also watch the stars with your loved one in a very romantic way. Don't tell it to you .... If you want to see more of James Turrell, Museum Voorlinden has made Turrell and special artwork. Skyspace: a space with a square hole in the roof, through which you look straight up. This way you see the sky like you've never seen before.

Enjoy my The Hague!

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