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Skyline Den Haag

My The Hague - Claudia Becks (Content Creator-Day Trips)


Born and raised in The Hague, I moved out of town when I was 25, but luckily I still work in this beautiful city. No matter how far you move, it will always be my city! It still feels like coming home.

My 5 tips:  

The most beautiful buildingThe Peace Palace, truly an icon in the city!

Definitely a must: A cruise through the canals of The Hague. You will witness the city from a completely different angle and you will discover that there is so much more to see than when you walk or cycle. You really shouldn't miss this!

Not to be missed: Climbing the Hague Tower (in the Big Church). View the city from a great height and experience breathtaking views. City, beach, sea and in clear weather you can even see the harbour of Rotterdam!

The best food: The Hague has a lot of nice restaurants, but my favourite is restaurant Milú in the centre of The Hague. Small snacks, shared dining, delicious dishes with a special twist. Highly recommended for a cosy, culinary evening and this can be enjoyed in a casual atmosphere.

Secret tip: Not really a secret, but definitely considered a good recommendation: Museum Voorlinden. You just have to go there once and experience this for yourself. It is a very special museum in a fantastic location!

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