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Escher Museum

My The Hague - Ewoud Turpijn (Online Editing)


I grew up in The Hague and I always love to come here! What makes the city so unique? There is something for everyone, you can enjoy the various museums and sights in the city centre, you will find the beach just a 15 minute drive away from the centre where you can enjoy a drink in one of the nice beach bars in the summertime. In the other seasons you can get a breath of fresh air during a nice walk along the beach and or through the dunes. Don't forget to eat a tasty fish in the harbour of Scheveningen, that is definitely a must!

My 5 tips:

  • Eating out at restaurant 6 & 24; delicious culinary enjoyment in the Hofkwartier.
  • Meijendel with its many walking / cycling routes alongside beautiful nature.
  • Westduinpark  where you can spot the Scottish Highlanders.
  • Bakery 't Bakkertje for the tastiest specialties and delicacies of The Hague.
  • Het Zwarte Pad  for the best beach parties in the summer

My most beautiful building: 

That is surely the Escher museum! It is located in the former winter palace of our old Queen Emma on the beautiful Lange Voorhout.

Certainly a must! 

Enjoy a nice drink at the terrace in the Zeeheldenkwartier

Should not be missed:

Prael Brewery. The brewery is located in the energy quarter in a beautiful building where you can even moor with an electric boat.

The best food: 

Jamey Benett located at ''de Plaats''! Enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner in a living room atmosphere. 

Secret tip: 

Well, I have to think about whether I am going to share it;) Well go on then... did you know that sometimes you can visit the Royal waiting room at The Hague Hollands Spoor Station under the guidance of a guide?

I would say experience, taste and enjoy our special The Hague!

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