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Dakterras Bleyenberg Grote Markt Den Haag

My The Hague Lorraine Wernsing (content creator-THIS)


I have lived and worked in many places in the world, but The Hague feels like home. This is where I feel 'senang'. The Hague has the 'best of both worlds': beach and city. You can immerse yourself in culture, enjoy shopping, good food and then relax on the beach.

My tip 5

  • Greens in the park; Enjoy a fresh lunch with products from the vegetable garden in the garden or in the beautiful greenhouse.
  • Cocktail at Bleyenberg; enjoy the beautiful view of the rooftop terrace with a drink. Having dinner at Bleyenberg is also highly recommended!
  • Taste gins at Van Kleef; listen to the beautiful stories about this old distillery. But above all, enjoy the drinks, from gin to gin to liqueur, all equally tasty and unique.
  • Strolling, shopping, drinking coffee and eating in the Hofkwartier and at Noordeinde.
  • Shopping in the trendy Zeeheldenkwartier. Here you will find all the nice local (design) shops and unique restaurants.

My favorite building

  • The townhall of architect Richard Meier. A verty Imposing building. Spacious, light, high and even has its own color white. Also jokingly called the 'ice palace by the residents of The Hague!

Must do

  • Pffff, where to start: shopping and eating in the trendy Zeeheldenkwartier.
  • Check out a (local) band at 'Paard' (popmusic venue) Try the best local pastry: a hazelnut cake from Maison Kelder.
  • Admire The Hague from the water during a boattour with the Ooievaart.
  • Cycle to the (quiet) beach through the Westduinpark, cool off with rosé on the beach.
  • Rent a rowing boat in the Westbroekpark.
  • Cycle to Museum Voorlinden,a great modern art museum with a beatiful garden.
  • Sdmire the Goldfinch in the Mauritshuis.
  • Stay the night in one of the beautiful hotels in The Hague to see everything!

Don't miss

  • Kunstmuseum Den Haag is located in the beautiful building of architect Berlage. I've been coming there for years now and still get lost. And that was exactly the intention of the architect!

Best food

Secret tip


Here you will find more local tips
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