Opening hours

The shops in the center of The Hague are open seven days a week. Most stores are open until 6:00 pm on weekdays, but department stores such as de Bijenkorf and Primark in Grote Marktstraat have longer opening hours. Every Thursday is late night shopping in The Hague's city center and most shops are also open on Sunday shopping. During most holidays there are also extra shopping Sundays and evenings.

Different opening hours & closings due COVID-19
All stores have been reopened, but due to the Corona virus, some stores in the city center of The Hague still have adjusted opening hours. For those who want to be sure that the store of their choice is open, it is advisable to consult the social accounts and website of this store. This prevents you from heading to store that's actually closed. A nice tip for those who want to experience a relaxed and safe shopping experience: shop on a weekday and during the morning hours, For example between 10 and 11.30 on a Monday morning.

Hospitality The Hague
The catering industry has been open again since 1 June. Many businesses are currently still delivering and / or collecting their meals. On the website of Support Your Locals The Hague there is a great list indicating which restaurants deliver and take-away. For those who are going to enjoy a terrace outside. Keep in mind to keep a safe distance. Even after a few beers!