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Kijkduin strand

Our personal tips in an endless sea of opportunities


The Hague has an ‘endless sea of opportunities’. As staff at The Hague & Partners, we are happy to share the personal feeling this gives us. We gladly offer you inspiration so that you can discover our ‘endless sea of opportunities’ in The Hague.

Colleague Sophie (Webcare and Social Media) about how she experiences her ‘endless sea of opportunities’ on the many canals and bodies of water in The Hague!

Sophie: ‘You can of course join a boat tour or rent a canoe to go around The Hague’s canals. I can highly recommend that! You experience The Hague from a totally different perspective. As athletic as I am, I thought it would be a nice idea to add a sporty touch to this experience so I bought an inflatable SUP! It’s fantastic on a Stand Up Paddle through The Hague canals. Besides seeing all the wonderful gardens and buildings, it’s great to moor up and have a drink at one of the terraces by the water. In The Hague’s parks, such as the Westbroekpark, I feel peace and relaxation, plenty of space and closeness to nature. Wonderful! Will I be seeing you seeking our ‘endless sea of opportunities’ on The Hague canals anytime soon?’

Suppen door de Haagse Grachten
Strandtent - Indigo
Paddle through The Hague canals

Colleague Arja (Editor and Product Owner at denhaag.com) about how she experiences her ‘endless sea of opportunities’ in this green city.

Arja: ‘I enjoy finding space in the beautiful parks in The Hague, from Clingendael Park with its Japanese Garden, Westbroekpark with its Rosarium to Sorghvliet Park. My little secret tip to experience a Sea of Space: artist James Turrell has created a place to gaze at the sky in the dunes at Kijkduin, the ‘Celestial Vault’. Climb the dune, go through the tunnel and you will see a stone bench. Lie down and gaze at the heavens. You can do it on your own but it’s also very romantic to gaze at the stars with a loved one. Will I be seeing you seeking our ‘endless sea of opportunities’ in the parks anytime soon?’

Hemels Gewelf - Kijkduin
Wandelen in het Groen
Walking through the parks – one of the many ‘endless sea of opportunities’

Colleague Didi (Campaign Marketer) about how she experiences her ‘endless sea of opportunities’ with her family in The Hague.

Didi: ‘The ‘endless sea of opportunities’ in The Hague takes us to all corners of the city every weekend. As a family with two young children, we get on the bike and our adventure can begin. Picnicking in Clingendael and enjoying an ice cream at the tea house with its picturesque backdrops. In our running gear, we go towards ‘t Puntje and while the children play around in the water, we (my partner and I) take turns running through Meijendel, where you can imagine you are on the islands. And of course, we have a well-deserved ice cream on the way back at the ‘Onder de Watertoren’ restaurant. We recently had a genuine staycation at The Hague Beach Houses in Kijkduin. The entire day with our feet in the sand, surrounded by the vast dunes, nice beach bars close by and if you get tired of all the nature, you get on your bike and you can get to one of The Hague’s lovely neighbourhoods in no time.  Will I be seeing you seeking our ‘endless sea of opportunities’ with your children near the beach anytime soon?’


Wandelen in Den Haag met het gezin - foto: Didi
Genieten bij de Haagse Strandhuisjes - foto: Didi
With the family enjoy the endless sea of opportunities

Colleague Stefan (International Press Officer) about his panoramic view of our ‘endless sea of opportunities’ in The Hague!

Stefan: ‘Wandering through the Westduinpark you smell the sweet scent of the roses and you can see the surface of the sea glistening just above the top of the dunes. Follow the green signposts to wander through the unique landscape and you will have no trouble finding a deserted sandy plain where rabbits roam freely. If you go there just before sunset, you have a good chance of spotting the silhouette of a deer on top of the dune or a fox racing across your path. There is a wonderful beach tucked away behind the dunes, where our dog Ivy is more than happy to run around and swim in the sea. You can easily find space on the northern side of Scheveningen. As you walk north, you see it getting quieter with every step. The last beach bar is ‘t Puntje, after which you have a panoramic view over the deserted sand where the dunes encroach on the beach. Since The Hague is on the west coast, the sunsets often colour the sky orange or pink and you can see the glowing red ball of the Sun slowly disappearing into the sea. The ultimate feeling of nature in the city – nature we should take care of, so we always take our rubbish home with us. Will we be seeing you seeking our ‘endless sea of opportunities’ with fabulous views anytime soon?’

Press Officer Stefan over zijn weidse kijk op een #zeevanruimte in Den Haag
Press Officer Stefan over zijn weidse kijk op een #zeevanruimte in Den Haag

Colleague Remco (City guide) about his unique view (from a horse) of our ‘endless sea of opportunities’ in The Hague!

Remco: ‘My starting point for some light, air and space is tucked away behind stately 19th century Hague buildings… located on leafy streets! The city stables at the edge of the Scheveningse bos (the Scheveningen Woods) where, riding over centuries-old horse trails, we (the horse and I) can loosen up our muscles before starting our trip to…? So much to choose from is a luxury problem in The Hague, the city known for its spacious layout, many squares and public green spaces! 

Will we ride via the Waalsdorpervlakte to one of the country estates, such as Clingendael or Oosterbeek and then towards the Haagse bos (The Hague Forest, the hunting grounds of the Count of Holland in the 13th century) or past the Royal residence?

Or…  Meijendel, a beautiful nature reserve and part of the National Park Hollandse Duinen, towards Meijendel farm for some relaxation: a carrot for the horse and perhaps a slice of apple pie for me! To the beach and back, in full gallop, towards The Hague.

The salty air, the cool wind and cold sea water splashing at us with the Scheveningen skyline in the distance that is getting increasingly closer… the ultimate enjoyment of the forests, dunes, sea and space for both my horse and I. Will I be seeing you galloping along the coast anytime soon?’

Stadgids Remco te paard
Paardrijden op het strand - foto Jurjen Drenth
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